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The On-trend Interior Colors of 2019

Maybe you’ve been thinking about making a big change in your house, particularly with its paint. Well, we’re right there with you! Whether your walls are without paint and sporting that modern concrete look or your paint colors are just so out of style, a change in colors will go a long way in renewing your interior design!

But let’s not forget that there are more to paint colors that what the eye wants to meet. The colors you choose could either give you that refreshed look you want, or destroy the look altogether. The colors you choose will affect what kind of furniture you can match it with, what kind of emotions it will evoke, and more.

This is the time we sit down and talk about the trending paint colors of the year. There’s obviously a reason why everybody’s fussing about them!

So what are those trendy no-fail colors, really? Here are the trending interior paint colors of 2019.

Interior Paint Colors You Will Gush Over
Colors are often neglected in the entire interior design process, but these bad boys can bring out the big guns if you choose the right ones. So don’t go shopping for paint without adding these to your list! See which color best suits you and your home!

Lilac Gray
Gray has always been a staple when it comes to interior paint colors. However, the classic gray shade we all are familiar with can be a recipe for monotony. This gave rise to trendier shades of gray that have become ubiquitous. One of the more popular shades is called lilac gray; click here for more photos and samples of this shade.

This gray offers a fresh new take of the classic one and brings to the table an exciting new spin of the color..

Due to its neutral fashion, lilac gray can be used for any room you desire.

If you want to have an even more neutral interior, go for the color hazelnut.

Taking after the nut it is named after, the hazelnut paint color is a beautiful shade of light brown. What brings warmth to the hazelnut shade is the delicate undertones of orange and yellow it contains. Its neutral yet warm feel makes it suitable for any, if not all, of the rooms in your house, and you can click here for more ideas of styling those rooms.

I know, right? Pastels in 2019? On a serious note, when you tone them down a notch, pastels can really surprise you. Pastels are the kind of colors that make your room feel fresh and open up your space.

A classic pastel shade matched with a neutral might just be the surprising match made in heaven for you.

Just remember that pastels are the kinds of colors that can’t be used in any room of your liking. A kids room, perhaps. But if you plan on repainting the kitchen then, next; click here for more information on why it’s a bad idea.

These are but three of the long list of trendy paint colors in 2019. Don’t fret, click here for more colors you’ll absolutely love!

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