The roof windows offered only a view of the Indigo sky and nothing else. She stared at the ceiling, trying to find any way the brain could get to sleep. Tomorrow morning she was expecting an oral part of the state's final exam after six years of general medicine, and she seems to be all but not ready. She taught for six years in a piece, it's not that she had time for anything else, so even, of course, she did everything she could to destate after six years of studying, but all her self-esteem disappeared during the discovery that all twenty-five students whose Trials occurred this week, failed. What is the chance that she will interrupt this ban tomorrow morning?
She confented with her fears to her mother, but she waved her hand and said that at worst she would go to the second attempt, but that she doubting her daughter would not have gone to the state. They wouldn't have held her there for six years, and then they decided he didn't know anything.