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CBD Addiction, Etcetera:Recognizing the Myths and the Facts

CBD addiction happens to be just one of the various myths regarding a product that has emerged because it has earned popularity. We will try to separate truth from fiction about several topics regarding CBD in this article.

CBD Addiction: Real or Not?

Well, the answer to that depends on the CBD oil type a person is using. CBD without tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, does not cause addiction ever. The reason being CBD oil with zero THC does not have any psychoactive effect.

You Cannot Drive If You Use CBD Oil

You actually can drive as long as the CBD oil you are taking has zero THC and it does not even matter how much CBD oil you take. If you are taking the CBD oil with THC in it, then you would want to be a bit more careful.

There is Nothing that CBD Oil cannot Cure

While several studies declare that using CBD oil has medically positive effects, it does not treat all types of illnesses. It is best to always seek the advice of your physician if CBD oil can be taken as treatment for your disorder.

CBD Oil Can Make You Sleepy

THC has sedative effect which can make people sleepy. On the other hand, CBD oil with zero THC has no sedative properties at all, and so it will not make you lethargic. While it is able to help you relax and be calm, you definitely will not fall asleep.

Using CBD is Fun and Nothing More

Several people experiencing chronic pain and anxiety say that CBD that contains THC can in fact help treat their symptoms, which is why they use this variety of CBD oil. While there are really people who do use CBD oil just for fun, it does not mean that this its only purpose though.

CBD is Just Like Medical Marijuana

In a country wherein medical marijuana is subject to government regulation, marijuana as treatment for certain diseases as well as chronic pain has to be of „medical grade“.

The CBD oil that you buy from your local drugstore or online probably did not meet the standards for medical marijuana. But some people find that CBD oil, even if it did not pass medical grade standards, is still beneficial.

THC is Superior than CBD

Several people are of the opinion that because THC is stronger than CBD, it is therefore more superior. Even if some people probably need a smaller dose of THC to obtain relief from the symptoms they are suffering from, this does not necessarily indicate that one is better than the other. The truth is, that is absolutely subjective.

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