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Learn More about Composite Materials and Its Uses

Composite materials certainly benefit a structure. Several research have brought to light the composite theory, various processing techniques and also the properties of materials in order to provide strength with low weight to the different composite bonded structures. Composite material is basically one that is produced from at least two elements that are merged together, and contains material properties that are different to the properties of those elements on their own. In practice, majority of the composites are composed of the matrix, and reinforcement of some kind, added mainly in order to increase the stiffness as well as strength of the matrix. Typically, reinforcement comes in fibre form.

Generally, there are a total of three basic types of man-made composites. The first type is the Polymer Matrix Composites (PMCs), often called as the Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRP) or Plastics. These type of materials utilize a polymer-based resin as the matrix, and various fibres like carbon, glass and aramid their reinforcement. The second type is the Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) that are chiefly used in the automotive industry. These materials have a metal like aluminium as the matrix and fibres like silicon carbide as the reinforcement. The third type is the Ceramic Matrix (CMCs) that are often used in high temperature environments. These materials use a ceramic as the matrix and the reinforcement are short fibres like those that are made from silicon carbide and boron nitride. There are many information you can read more about these three types. Innovative solutions for your composite needs are now made possible with the use of advanced technology, making the most reliable composite structures used for aerospace and construction industry needs, for example.

More about the Use of Composites in Aerospace Industry

The aerospace gain so much from the use of composite technologies in manufacturing and designing their products when it comes to cost reduction, weight reduction, and recyclability. Compared to the traditional steel, composite materials have some weight and structural advantages that greatly helped this particular industry. In the aerospace, the light-weight but strong composites are very beneficial because it can withstand constant abuse as well as high altitude pressures. Composites are very perfect to apply in some parts of the aircraft since it can stand wide temperature ranges.

More about Composite Technology in Construction Industry

Composite technologies are also used in the construction industry. These materials are widely used in a number of ways because of their characteristics which offer effective solutions to a variety of construction needs. Composite technology is used in the construction industry for a number of reasons, these include its durability, low maintenance, fire resistant, highly stiff, easily fixed, as well as its ability to be designed easily into a specific color and shape.

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