Past Times

The sweet sperm, formerly nimble, full of life and the alder, accustomed to exploring the Milky Way, suddenly came to you the desire to participate in the previously ordinary human activities of your owners. What about it, nimble you are still, but who is to push through that residual prostate? You'd rather hope that the brain will tell the male authority that nothing is going to be happening today.
Everything can be solved
If you think it will help for example Viagra, you are mistaken. This betrayal is not. The prostate is a very important organ that promotes both erection and urination and a lot of other functions. If it starts to get angry with any style, deal with it on time and only with the help of a tablet to achieve lasting and high quality performances in both bed and toilet. Do not wait until the last minute, then the surgeon and his scalpel will come to the line.