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The Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2019

There are many changes that are being experienced in digital marketing with everyone trying to make a profit with web marketing. With many sites popping up when you search for a product the business get worried about whether their sites will be among the first to pop up for the clients to find them. This implies that of your website is not up to date you will be kicked out of the completion thinking you are still marketing. There are many things that can influence the changes that you should do to your website like the nature of the customers you have but you can’t overlook the whole things because you need high ranking of your site by the search engines . In this site we will be sharing with you 10 web design trends to follow in 2019.

Mobile centric is the first web design to look at. If you compare the number of people that visit websites using their desktops and those using mobiles you will realize the mobile users are more than the desktop users. This modernization from the customers has forced the search engines to care for mobile users by ranking first the sites that are compatible with mobiles. If your website is not mobile friendly you can be sure it will be not be given a priority by the Google and therefore you will not have a chance to convince your visitors about your products.

Mind about the personalized illustration designs. The current trend is that customers are being attracted to personalized graphics that are hand drawn then the digitalized ones. It’s good you hire a professional designer to make your drawing so that they will be attractive.

The other thing is to have a responsive design. It’s good you make your website can accommodate the changes on the browser screen so that the visitors can enjoy using it. If your website remains the same on different screens it means some features will be visible hence the site user will not be able to do anything with it.

The color of your website should be bright and attention-grabbing. The bright colors like yellow, red and orange are the most used in the current sites as they are meant to grab the attention of the visitors than the old fashioned dark colors.

Use videos in your site. You can sell your brand using the video clips for your brand just like it happens in Facebook and Instagram.

The other trend is about the use of more appealing minimalist layouts. When you use simple designs you spend less time to design them and also make it easy for your site visitors to understand your design.

The other things you should do is to make sure you use simple fonts and large graphics that will make it simple for customers to read and understand easily. The other trend is about using authentic photos, using a customized style of your site and retro typography.

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