Suitable for all spaces

The popularity of wooden floors has been increasing lately. We do not find them only in our homes, but in almost all public areas. These are large halls, halls of cultural houses, dance floors and the like. They are dominated by almost every restaurant due to its undemanding maintenance. In these public areas there is also great strain and damage.
Prevent damage by early intervention
The floor is especially stressed by the soles of the shoes, which bring a large amount of dirt into the rooms. The whole day-long movement of persons is a risk of damage. It is necessary to know how to properly treat the covering and protect it for a long time or at least reduce the damage. The inevitable necessity is mainly the regrinding and early recoating. The varnish is applied in several layers and then the varnish hardens for some time. Surely, however, early intervention pays off and the life of the material increases.