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15 Ways to Save Your Life from Danger

Its normal that when coming across life-threatening circumstances we react against or towards it with others standing confused on what to do next. When the third option is your take then you have high chances of getting hurt. The best way is to react in any side because you have a chance to escape danger. Although there are several available facts found on the internet some of them are just imaginary and are not workable, these ones here will be good for you. If you want to know these life-saving tips continue reading.

It’s important you respond to a riptide situation. You should never react against the current but comply with its direction and you will be finally stable to swim transversely to the place of safety.

Keep away any device that will destruct your mind concentration when walking. Every year we have about 11,000 injured people out of texting and walking simultaneously. When text and walk at the same time your mind can only give priority to one activity against the other and the possibility is that texting will take your mind more.

Avoid being wet when you are in frigid temperatures. This should be achieved by wearing changing your wet fabrics to a dry one mostly wool made.

Then you should make sure you see around your car. Make sure you adjust your mirrors accordingly and that your rear-view point being you.

The other important lifesaving tip is to know your wildlife. You need to know which animal can harm you and which one will not.

Its not advisable to inflate your life jacket when you land on waters before you are out of the aircraft because you might delay saving your life from the sinking plane.

Understand and help your friend accordingly. You need to know when your friend needs medical attention from drug abuse or other condition for early treatment.

The CPR techniques are good to know because you can save a life when your loved one has cardiac arrest if used in the right way.

Furthermore you should always cry for help when in a dangerous situation. The secret here is to focus on certain people so that they can be sure you really need their help and no other people.

The other thing is to learn how to fight fire not using water despite we all know water can do the work.

The other lifesaving nuggets that you should know includes how to respond to an allergic reaction, how to react to intruders using a flashlight instead of pepper, how to navigate a hike to find a way, how to apply self-Heimlich maneuver and how to survive with thirst and hunger using 3*3 rule.


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