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The Top Signs That Your Parents Are Suffering From Elder Abuse

You will have to look for some help when old age gets you so as to be able to do activities you were able to do personally. Because of the elderly depending on the help of someone else, there are often than not subjected to mistreatment. A lot of elderly people out there are going through hard times in the hands of the people they trust can help them. Elderly abuse is the harm that they are subjected to at the hands of the people they trust can help them. It does not necessarily mean that they must receive this exploitation at the retirement homes or assisted living. This can be caused by someone who is a relative, a neighbor or can be someone who is trusted to take care of them. To be able to help them, it will be imperative for you to know that signs of exploitation that they are subjected to. Outlined in this article are some of the top signs of elder abuse that you should know.

Physical abuse is one of the top types of elder abuse. This can be harming the body or injuring it and some of the most common forms of physical abuse are, hitting, kicking, pushing or burning. It is also not good to tie them on a chair or bed as they are also forms of torture to them. Giving them not prescribed medication drugs is also a form of abuse because this can cause harm to the elderly. To know the physical abuse, check if the elderly have some bruises or burns, wounds that are not healing and many more.

Sexual abuse on this list is the second type of abuse that the elderly go through. Elderly people are also subjected to sexual abuse just like the other young people. They are easy victims because of their vulnerability. Sexual abuse includes being exposed to pornographic materials or forced nudity. It is not allowed to touch without permission as it is treated as rape. Kwow that the elderly are likely subjected to rape if they have damaged clothing particularly the underwear, sexually transmitted diseases, genital bleeding and many more.

Psychological abuse is also another type of elder abuse. This can be yelling at them, threatening or arrogant communication. You should not restrict them to move, what they see and what they do as it can make them be psychologically unfit.

Financial abuse to the elderly is also one of the types of abuse they go through. They are under financial abuse when their property and assets are under threat. It is not good at all to fake their signatures also. It is treated as torture to the elderly when they are overcharged the services or charged the services they never received or even asking for bogus donations for them.

It is important to make sure you are going to request to speak with the elderly privately and notify them that you want to help. You can call the relevant authorities if you find out that they are abused or you can just report the case to the adult protective services.

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