Variety of flavors? Our unique ice cream!

Everybody wants ice cream!
The garden includes a good ice cream. Today you can easily make it at home. Adria Gold manufactures this icy delicacy in powdered form, so it is always a lieutenant. Enjoy your rest with us and our products. You will see that you will not be disappointed.
Treat your children with healthy misting
In our offer for ice creams you can find powdered mixtures for draft ice cream. We currently offer powdered mixtures for species: vanilla, chocolate, lemon, strawberry and yogurt. You're sure to choose. The ice cream from Adria Gold is the real pleasure. Once you taste and you will never want anything else.
Fruit sorbets
Fruit ice Creams-sorbets are characterized by the fact that the product contains a high proportion of fruit ingredients and, for some species, directly pieces of fruit. It will pleasantly refresh you and guarantee you and healthy, low-calorie mist-be FIT!