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How To Avoid A Dead Tooth And What To Do When You Have One

More than 90 percent of the people aged between 20 years and 64 years in America have a tooth decay. For many people by the time they discover they have a tooth decay it is already severe, and they need emergency dental care. One of the worst conditions that may arise due to tooth decay is getting a dead tooth, and you can learn more about this on this useful post. Read this useful post to learn more about tooth decay and what you should do when you have one.

Learning About A Dead Tooth

When you have a dead tooth, your tooth no longer receives any blood flow, and it turns grey and falls out eventually. There are several symptoms of the dead tooth, and you can learn about them on this useful post.

Indications Of A Dead Tooth

When your tooth is dying, or it is dead you will feel pain. When you feel pain from a dead tooth, the pain is usually caused by the nerve endings around the tooth in a condition known as periodontal membrane. When you have a dead tooth; the nerve endings have an accumulation of bacteria that also builds up in the pulp cavity causing a lot of pain. When your tooth is dead you may find that you have a bad taste and bad mouth odor even if you brush your teeth. A dead tooth is usually grey, black or yellow due to the death of the red blood cells.

Understanding What Causes A Dead Tooth

Tooth decay that is left untreated is usually the major cause of dead tooth. You may have a tooth infection when the tooth decay is not treated since bacteria will get to the pulp cavity. Infections on the tooth may lead to an increase in pressure and inflammation, and this leads to a cut in the supply of blood that eventually leads to the death of the tooth. When you experience any tooth trauma, you may also get a dead tooth. Tooth trauma can be caused by different things, and you can read more on this useful post.

Treating Dead Tooth

There are different types of treatments of dead tooth condition, and you can learn more on this useful post. A dentist may recommend that you get a root canal or tooth extraction when you are diagnosed with a dead tooth. A dead tooth may be remedied by a root canal, and if it does not work the next remedy is having the tooth extracted. To prevent having a dead tooth; you should ensure that you brush your teeth and floss them as well. Go for your dental check-ups at least twice a year to ensure that you prevent dead tooth.

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